Rockwell 1756-EN2F ControlLogix Fibre Ethernet interface module

SKU: 1756EN2F

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The Rockwell 1756-EN2F communication module comes from the 1756 ControlLogix series of products and its primary purpose is to control I/O modules and drives. This ControlLogix fiber module creates an Ethernet/IP bridge and it supports up to 256 Logix connections.
The 1756-EN2F communication module uses the Ethernet Industrial Network Protocol, also called the Ethernet/IP network protocol, which is a standardized open-type industrial networking system used mostly for exchanging messages and I/O messaging in real time.
When it comes to hardware, the Ethernet/IP network use only the best chips for establishing Ethernet communication and physical media. The 1756-EN2F Ethernet/IP module has a 10/100 megabits per second communication rate.


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