Rockwell 1747-L552 SLC 500 SLC 5/05 CPU Processor, 32K Memory, DH+ & RS-232 Communication Ports, Series C

SKU: 1747L552

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The Allen-Bradley 1747-L552 is a processor that is part of Allen-Bradley's SLC 500 series of controllers. The 1747-L552 provides users with high bandwidth networking for systems, bringing 10 Mbps Ethernet connectivity to the popular SLC 500 family of programmable controllers.
The 1747-L552 is well-rated for its user-memory backup of 64k in the C series or later. Additionally, it has a maximum user memory of 32K words total (28K words of information or programmed, 4K words for information only). The processor features 4096 inputs and 4096 outputs.
The 1747-L552 has a standard RAM and a flash backup memory. The 1747-L552 supports communication speeds of 100 Mbps over the Ethernet with Auto-Negotiation, increased Ethernet connections (48 connections for the 1747-L552), and provides HTTP server capabilities.


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