Rockwell 1747-L543 SLC 500 SLC 5/04 CPU Processor, 32K Memory, DH+ & RS-232 Communication Ports, Series C

SKU: 1747L543

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The Allen-Bradley 1747-L543 is one of the powerful processors from the SLC 500 product family. The 1747-L543 processor is flexible, offering a wide range of I/O channels, memory, ports, and instruction sets. This facilitates meeting the exact needs of a given application.
Being among the family of SLC 5/04 processors, the processor offers a memory capacity of 16K, 32K, or 64K words. The 1747- L543 itself has 30 I/O module slots, 4096 input ports and output ports, and up to 64K memory. It has standard battery-backed RAM and backup flash memory.


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