Schneider BMXAMI0810 isolated analog input module X80 - 8 inputs - high speed


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Schneider BMXAMI0810 isolated analog input module X80 - 8 inputs - high speed

Schneider Modicon X80 modules are the common range for Modicon M580 and Modicon M340 platforms. The modules are used locally in the local rack of Modicon M340 or Modicon M580, and can also be used in an X80 remote rack (Drop) in an Ethernet IO architecture on Modicon M580 or Modicon Quantum


Technical Data

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Amongst those manufacturers is the globally renowned Schneider Electric who produce the popular Modicon family of Programmable Logic Controllers, in particular the Modicon M340 and M580 platforms which are supported by the equally well regarded isolated analog input module X80.

Analog input modules provide an interface for the CPU that can sense variable levels of voltage and current, converting them into digital values which are subsequently used by the modules within their programs, which allows the CPU to process other variable signals such as pressure, flow, level, pH, pressure and speed.

Sitting at the top of the range of X80 modules are the high level BMXAMI0800 and BMXAMI0810 modules that feature 8 isolated analog inputs and are connected via a 28-way removable terminal block. In addition, the modules offer variable ranges of voltages or currents for each of the inputs, dependent on your configuration. Each module occupies a single slot on the rack and has a case that offers the electronics IP20 protection.

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The role of an analog input module is to provide an interface to the CPU which is capable of sensing voltage and current signals, which are in turn converted into digital values by the module for use in programmes. The result of this is that the CPU is then able to process varied signals that it may receive, for example pressure or speed,

This BMXAMI 0810 high level module, produced by Schneider, is designed for use locally within the rack of the Modicon M340 and M580 series of controllers and connects via a 28-way block that occupies only one slot on the rack and weighs in at 0.165 kg.

Schneider pride themselves on their Green Premium range of products, which account for approximately 75% of all of their manufacturing and this module falls into that category. This means that as a customer and consumer you are assured that Schneider are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their products, and that this is driven by energy efficiency, durability and recyclability. Clearly this is not only of benefit to the welfare of the environment but to the many users of Green Premium products.

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