Schneider BMEP581020 Processor module, Modicon M580, Level 1, Distributed

SKU: BMEP581020

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Schneider BMEP581020 Processor module, Modicon M580, Level 1, Distributed Application specific I/O

Accurate time stamping
Motion control
SSI encoder
Serial link

Integrated connection type

1 Ethernet TCP/IP for service port
2 Ethernet TCP/IP for device network
USB type mini B


Technical Data

The BMEP581020 Level 1, distributed processor module is a part of the Modicon M580 range of PAC and safety PLCs which is produced with built in Ethernet. This high quality and extremely reliable module, produced by Schneider, is considered best suited to medium and large process applications, offering a maximum of 4 rack configuration and 36 application specific channels. In addition, this module supports 1024 discrete and 256 analogue local I/O channels whilst also boasting integrated RAM of 4GB, 384kb for data, 10kb for system memory plus an expandable flash of a further 4Gb for data storage. Its durability is clearly highlighted by 600000 hours MTBF and an IP20 rating.

The advantages of utilising the Modicon M580 series are not surprisingly, increased reliability and sustainability combined with high performance, improved access to data, which in turn manifests as greater productivity and potential increases in the profitability of your operation.

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