Rockwell 1756-L85E ControlLogix 5580 Processor 40MB

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Rockwell 1756-L85E ControlLogix 5580 Processor with 40MB User Memory, USB Port, 1GB Ethernet Port, 100 EtherNet/IP Devices, 4 Character Alpha/Numeric Display.

Utilises Studio 5000 Logix Designer® software, Linx-based communication software, and
ControlFLASH Plus™ or ControlFLASH™ software.


Technical Data

Under the brand of Allen Bradley, Rockwell Automation supply the family of Controllogix 5580 controllers that are designed to meet the growing demands of smart machines and equipment that are widely used in manufacturing today. With exceptional system performance and a high-capacity the 5580 can offer up to 20 times greater performance and 45% more application capacity than legacy controllers.

The presence of an embedded 1 Gbps Ethernet port facilitates high performance communications, I/O and applications with 256 axes of motion, which also serves to future proof your systems and comfortably handle future demands as operations become ever more connected and data reliant.

An area in which the 5580 excels is in security, with secure data transport, digitally signed and encrypted project saving, change detection and security event logging, form the backbone of the controller’s security and it is the first controller to be compliant with IEC-62443-4-2 SL 1, the most robust system security standard.

And should you consider utilising the 5580 series as your sole family of controllers there are significant benefits; reduced training for staff, less requirement for spares and the possibility to seamlessly share information without the requirement for data silos. And beyond that you will create one look with a familiar interface for all those who interact with your system.

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