Rockwell 1747-L531 SLC 500 Processor, 4K Memory, DH485

SKU: 1747L531

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The Allen-Bradley 1747-L531 is an SLC 500 5/03 CPU from the SLC 500 product family of programmable controllers. This CPU has a maximum of 4096 inputs and 4096 outputs. The 1747-L531 has 30 module spaces in the local chassis and a maximum of 3 local chassis.

The hardware components of the CPU include a memory module, keyswitch, and an Operating System download protection jumper which should not be moved unless updating the processor Operating System firmware. On the front panel, the 1747-L531 features a DH-485 Channel 1 port and a DH-485/DF1/ASCII Channel 0 port.



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