The M580 Series is designed and manufactured by Schneider Electric and is a product that we are delighted to stock at Ideal Process and Automation. It is a ground-breaking ePAC that has ethernet built into its core making it far more advanced and efficient than other PAC on the market. Indeed, as the world’s first purpose-built ePAC, it can help revolutionise your business operations thanks to its outstanding efficiency and reliability. It is a wise investment for any business looking to control operating costs and outperform its competition.

The M580 results from rigorous research and development and incorporates new and exciting features to help streamline your applications. The M580 is specifically designed to have the necessary power to be an integral element of your automation architecture. Thanks to its use of the latest technology, it provides minimal constraints on whatever you want to achieve. It offers flexibility and can be utilised within your existing automation processes or as part of a completely new setup.

At Ideal Process and Automation, we believe that its size, innovative design, and features make it stand out from other PAC on the market. It is easy to install and operate, and you will be amazed by the results. As it is built by Schneider, it is known for its quality and reliability, giving you the peace of mind that it won’t let you down when you need it the most. Tangible results will present themselves quickly, allowing you to focus on and improve other areas of your operation.

Rightly lauded as the world’s first ePAC, the Schneider M580 series of controllers offer users the opportunity to achieve a better, earlier and measurable ROI and the potential for 100% return on project investment within 3 months.

There are several key features, which when working in collaboration, help the M580 stand apart from other controllers. If being judged on the performance of the CPU the M580 would be rated as excellent due to the effectiveness of the CPU operating with an interface of 1 Gbps Ethernet. Furthermore, the new generation dual core processor has one processor dedicated to all communications which helps to deliver a high end yet affordable solution to all major process applications.

In addition, the M580 series are embedded with the latest security techniques which can guarantee that any sensitive information is always effectively protected. The utilisation of the newest security technologies also offers seamless integration with other machinery without any compromise to your security.

A common problem that is faced by other controllers is the amount of downtime that they may experience, affecting productivity and profit. The M580 offers an availability rate of 99.9% meaning that there is rarely ever going to be a time when it is going to let you down.

Overall, the feature laden M580 can improve your business’s productivity and when the time comes for modernisation, the embedded EcoStruxure Control Expert can control any migration without significant disturbance to you process or operation.

Let Ideal supply your choice of Schneider M580 ePAC controller.