Shipping and Warranty


We can ship to almost any address within Australia. However please note that there are restrictions on the way some products are shipped and some products cannot be shipped to remote destinations.

Your products are fully insured against loss or damage while being delivered to you.

On arrival of your products, lease ensure you immediately check the number of boxes against the accompanying documentation and for any signs of damage. Any issues should be reported to the delivery driver immediately, if possible, and reported to us within two business days. If we receive no reports of a problem within two business days of delivery, we will deem the delivery as having been completed without issue. No late claims will be accepted.


 Warranty Claims

Your product is covered by a 2 year warranty. Warranty is claimable only through Ideal Process and Automation Pty Ltd. The warranty period expires 2 years after the original order date, even if the product has been repaired or replaced during the warranty period. A warranty claim will not be possible if Ideal Process and Automation has not been notified of the impending claim prior to the warranty expiry date. The cost of returning the product to Ideal Process and Automation is the responsibility of the customer. Each warranty claim will be assessed by Ideal Process and Automation and will only be approved if the product doesn't meet the manufacturers quality and performance specifications and the product has been determined to have not been damaged, misused, altered in any way and there are no signs of lacking proper maintenance in contravention of the manufacturers specifications and recommendations. If a warranty claim is approved, we reserve the right to choose whether to repair, replace or refund the original purchase price.

Ideal Process and Automation will not be liable for any subsequent costs encountered by the failure of any product or any consequential damage which may have been caused.

If you wish to return your product and have it assessed for a warranty claim, please contact us prior to sending the item. We will provide an RMA form for you to complete and enclose with the product when sending it. We will also provide a return address of where to send the item. A warranty claim may only be made by the original purchaser of the product.