Rockwell 2080-LC50-48QWB Micro 800 Series, Micro850 PLC

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Rockwell Micro850 controllers are suitable for applications that require more digital and analog I/O or higher performance analog I/O. These controllers can support up to four expansion I/O. It comes in a 24-point and 48-point form factor with an embedded Ethernet port.

The Micro850 controllers include:
• Expansion I/O support
• up to six embedded High-Speed Counter inputs (HSC)(1)
• 100 kHz speed HSC available on 24V DC models
• up to three embedded Pulse Train Outputs (PTO)(2) for basic positioning
• High speed input interrupts
• Modbus RTU protocol (serial port)
• Modbus/TCP support
• EtherNet/IP support
• CIP Serial support
• Embedded USB programming and serial port (RS232/485)
• Embedded 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port (RJ45)
• Plug-in slots to customize according to needs

(1) Embedded HSC is supported on all Micro850 catalog numbers, except on 2080-LC50-xxAWB.
(2) PTO is supported on Micro850 catalog numbers ending in BB or VB.

The Micro850 controller is equipped with Plug-in module support, instruction/data size and embedded motion (QBB & QVB only) capabilities. The embedded motion capabilities supports up to 3 axes of motion with TouchProbe instruction that registers position of an axis, more precisely than using interrupts. Especially designed for larger standalone machine applications, Micro850 Expansion I/O module value adds to achieving higher density, higher precision analog and digital I/O as required. Micro850 48-pt controller has the capacity to support up to 4 Expansion I/O modules at a maximum of 132 I/O points.



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