At Ideal Process and Automation, we recognise the importance of having the best equipment for the job and, therefore, we proudly stock the Rockwell Powerflex 400. The Powerflex 400 is specifically designed for heavy usage and optimised for controlling industrial and commercial pumps and fans. It is one of the leading AC Drives on the market designed for this explicit use and includes built-in features including purge and damper input, as well as unsurpassed integration with your control system. It’s features provide cost-effective speed control regardless of application or pump torque.

The Powerflex 400 is an efficient and reliable solution when you require precision and accurate speed control in any fan or pump application. It is manufactured with supreme usability in mind giving the user complete control that isn’t offered by other similar devices. It is constructed using the finest materials and is the result of incredible work put in by the development teams to ensure that it meets and surpasses all your requirements.

With appropriate training, Powerflex 400 is easy to use, saving you money and increasing the efficiency and profitability of your operation. It has been proven to be a reliable piece of essential equipment and is a sound capital investment for your business. The Powerflex 400 has been an overwhelming success with our customers, all of whom have been delighted with the results. It is very much at the cutting edge of technology in its field, and as it is built from robust materials, if maintained correctly, it will form an integral part of your operations for years to come.